Friday, July 10, 2015

Phone Apps for Travel

We use several applications on our mobile phones that are useful for travel. I thought I would share what we have learned. All of these apps require you to have a data plan that is good wherever you travel or the ability to use wi-fi when traveling. (we have T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan that allows us to use our phones in 121 countries/places around the world with no roaming charges.)

Most of these applications are free, but are supported with ads. I often purchase the ad-free version for a few dollars. The cost of the ad-free versions is usually minor.


When we were in London in 2014, we needed a mobile phone app that would help us navigate the city - something that would help whether we were walking, taking the bus or riding the Tube. We discovered Citymapper and it became our go-to app for getting around London.






We knew we were moving to Singapore, but Citymapper didn't work there. However, there is a link on the app to recommend additional cities. I voted more than once for Singapore. A couple of months after arriving in Singapore, I was notified by email that Singapore had been added and immediately loaded it on my Android phone and on Pat's iPhone. We have been happily using it ever since.

The list of cities they now support: New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Washington DC, Madrid, Boston, Barcelona, San Francisco, Chicago, Milan, Rome, Tokyo, Lisbon, Manchester, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Toronto, Vancouver, Brussels and moreto come.