Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lombok - June 20, 2015

We arrived last night from Bali to join the rest of the family for one day. Lombok is the next island east of Bali in the Indonesian archipelago. So it was a flight of about 30 minutes in the air.

We stayed at the Quince Villas in Senggigi, Lombok. Another wonderful place, arranged by Pat's daughter.

Today, the eight of us were picked up by a driver for a trip to the foothills of Lombok's volcano (Mount Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani) to see some waterfalls at Senaru. Although we started at 9 AM, it was the only activity we really had time for. The drive out was about an hour. We hiked to 2 of the waterfalls (Sendang Gila is about a 20 minute walk from the entrance; Tiu Kelep, the second waterfall is another hour hike past the first one).

I will allow the following photos to describe the beauty of this place. Cold and clear water and wonderful views. We even saw a large family of monkeys on the hike back. When we returned from the hike through the jungle, we had lunch where we left our driver and the SUV. Most of us slept on the way home. Along the road we could see the beginning of commercial building projects along the beachfront. Lombok has been described as "how Bali was before it became a vacation spot". Well it looks like Lombok is borrowing some ideas from Bali to help it's economy.

Sendang Gila (1st Waterfall)

Another view of Sendang Gila

At the base of Sendang Gila. A very refreshing place to stand.

We have to climb lots of steps on the way to the 2nd waterfall

On the jungle path to the 2nd waterfall

We had to traverse 2 rivers on the path

Tiu Kelep, the 2nd waterfall. At the base was a pool that several people got into (not me - too cold)

We then went back to the hotel to relax. Pat, the grandkids, Pat's daughter and I spent some time at the beach collecting shells and sea glass. The beach was very nice and across the water we could see the big volcano on Bali.

Looking South on our beach

Looking North on our beach

That is the volcano on Bali as seen from our beach

All eight of us had dinner at one of the hotel restaurants -  Quali Restaurant, an Asian seafood restaurant. Another fine meal in a great setting.

Early tomorrow morning we have a flight back to Singapore (with a stop in Jakarta). The flight leaves at 6:50 AM, so the hotel concierge recommended we have our cabs pick us up at 4:30 AM! Yawn. All went well and we made it back to Singapore.

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