Thursday, July 31, 2014

London III - Alison Joins Us

July 22
Alison at the Baker
Street Station

Boy are we lucky travelers! Alison L., the exchange student from the Ukraine who lived with us in Charlotte over the 2012-2013 school year, came to London to spend some time with us.

Alison flew into Lutton airport last night but came it too late to get transportation into London. So she spent the night at the airport and met us at the Baker Street Underground Station around 7 A.M.. She had to be exhausted!

We haven't seen her for over a year and we have lots to catch up on, including her successes at law school.

Band returning to
Wellington Barracks
After taking her back to the flat for a short rest and to drop her bag, we walked across the Tower Bridge and then along the Thames toward Westminster Bridge. Then worked our way past the Horse Guards to Buckingham Palace, then to the Wellington Barracks, where we were lucky to see the band and guards returning from the changing of the guards at the Palace.

We had lunch at The Cask & Glass and then back to the flat. Later that evening we went back out near the flat and to show Alison how pretty it is at night.

July 23

Pat and Alison went to Camden Markets without me (I was not feeling well). Then also stopped at Daunt Books, another cool book store.

At Camden Markets Daunt Books