Saturday, November 1, 2014

Internet Connections

This is post is a compilation of a couple of Facebook entries I have done recently.

Sitting here in Singapore with a fast internet connection, makes the following article even more depressing. This needs to change in the U.S. as soon as possible (it would be nice if it could happen before we come back in 2016).…/why-the-us-has-fallen-behind-in-in…

Why the U.S. Has Fallen Behind in Internet Speed and Affordability

Here in Singapore, the the minimum internet speed option we could get from StarHub was approximately 100 Mbps. In Charlotte, we were supposed to get 18 Mbps from ATT Uverse, but most of the time it was around 13-15 Mbps. The U.S.A. is way behind in internet infrastructure.

Of course, this is for a local connection - connections back to the U.S. are slower. Here is the results for a connection back to Wilson, NC (a site I usually used, just before I called AT&T to complain when our internet got too slow to use). This is still faster, especially the upload speed, than what we had in Charlotte.

Our cable costs UD$48/month, and includes basic TV and 100 Mbps internet!

Jen went with a fiber connection, rather than the standard cable we have. Their speeds are much higher than ours. I recently tested a new router they bought (and I installed) and I saw download speeds approaching 750 Mbps! Unbelievable!

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